Has Your Employee Checked Out?

This free Employee Engagement Guide will give you some strategies to help turn that around and re engage the employee into their role, the team and your business.


Seeing the signs that one of your team has checked out but not sure what to do?

You're not alone, if you've managed people for any length of time you will have had someone leave. Sometimes you are blindsided by the resignation but once you learn the warning signs, the red flags, you'll soon be able to identify when you have an employee who has checked out.

The problems becomes what to do next. You can ignore it and wait for it to play out, but that can very quickly snowball into a toxic employee and no one wants one of those on their team.

You can bring it to a head and address the behaviour change, but what impact will that have?

Or, because you've invested heavily in developing this employee you could take some action to try and reverse the situation, get them back on board and re engage them with the team.

That's where this guide comes in, inside we share some simple strategies you can use to re engage your checked out employee.

Do yourself and your team a favour ...

You owe it to yourself, your team, your business and this employee to get them back on board. Whist they are checked out they aren't productive, effective or nice to be around. Use this simple Guide to implement some engagement strategies to get your once fabulous employee checked back in.




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