Sack them or Save Them?

How to deal with any type of problem employee, without drama, even if it seems impossible to turn them around!

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Sack Them or Save Them

How to deal with any type of problem employee, without drama, even if you've tried everything to turn them around!

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Is dealing with problem employees one of your biggest headaches? 


Perhaps you've been frustrated by:

  • The fact they do just enough, but lack motivation and do nothing more than the bare minimum;
  • Someone that told you they had all the skills for the job at the interview, but the reality is they simply don't;
  • An employee that's just not doing what you ask or what you expect;
  • How exceptionally great at their technical job they are, but that really, they just don't seem to fit in very well with the team.

Managing people can be hard, time consuming, energy draining and overwhelming.

The great news is, that whilst it does seem hard and overwhelming and time consuming, it doesn't have to be.

You simply need to know how to identify what sort of problem you're dealing with, what the solution is to that problem, and of course, what action you need to take to actually deal with the issue at hand.

Plus, you want to know the mistakes that other people are making and what you can do instead to avoid those same mistakes.

And that's exactly what you will uncover in the Sack Them or Save Them Masterclass.

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Here's what you'll learn . . .



The REAL type of problem, whether it's performance or behaviour, with your employee.  

Understanding what's underneath, what the REAL issues are is critical in helping you make decisions about the problem employee. 


The EXACT solution, depending on your specific type of problem, or combination of problems. 

For every problem there is a specific solution, once you uncover your problem type, we will share your specific solution. 


How to move forward and take the NEXT STEPS - it's action time!

Knowing what the issue is, and learning what to do about it is great, but the how is where most people get stuck. You'll get the action steps you need! 


The 5 BIGGEST MISTAKES other business owners and managers make.

Learn the mistakes others are making over and over again, and what you can do instead to turn your current headache into your next top performer. 

Save My Seat

"Thanks to your support I have the confidence to face the team and have the difficult conversations." 

Michael Trimblett, General Manager - Loyal IT Solutions 

"I got access to the information and support I required and  quickly became aware of the things I didn't know."

Loren Bartley, CEO - Impactiv8

Who is this for?

  • Business Owners who employ staff.
    Own a business and employ less than 50 staff? No need (or want) for an internal HR Manager? This is perfect for you. 
  • Managers and Leaders in Small to Medium Sized Businesses. 
    Work in a Management or Leadership role within a small to medium sized business with no internal HR? The Masterclass will have the answers you need.  
  • Looking to better understand why you have a performance or behaviour issue with an employee?
    You'll learn how to identify what the underlying problem is and what to do about it. 
  • You want to avoid mistakes and drama with your team.  
    Perfect! We'll be sharing the 5 biggest mistakes we see other business owners and managers make, so you can avoid them, and turn a headache into a top performer. 

"I love the support you bring to us newbies, I feel like I can really do this." 

Donna Neidlinger, Owner - OT 4 Autism 

"We are getting amazing results, I love the framework, it really works!"

Jayne Gallagher, Founder - Honey and Fox

A note from your host:  


Hi there, I'm Kristy-Lee,

After spending 20 years working with businesses on all aspects of their HR and people management, the one thing I know for certain is that you simply cannot build a business that generates success and delivers you freedom without the right people.

But finding the right people can be tough - and even worse managing them and dealing with them when things aren't going well can be every business owner's worst nightmare.

But it doesn't have to be.

 So whether the thought of conflict and confrontation makes you cringe, sticking your head in the sand seems easier, or you feel like you've tried everything before, this Masterclass will help you know what to do, and take action!

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