How to Deal With Any Problem Employee 


Discover the REAL REASONS you have a problem employee, determine the EXACT PROBLEMS
you have and uncover the SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS
to manage your team effectively 
(so you can take action without drama or confrontation)

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This Guide is for You If:

  • They Said They Could Do The Job

    You've hired someone and a few months later you realise they can't do what they promised at interview, but it feels 'too late' to deal with it.

  • They Do 'Just Enough'

    You have an employee that does 'just enough', but they show no initiative and make no effort. They are lazy but not terrible.

  • Your Employee Is Inconsistent

    Your employee is inconsistent in their performance, they are great for 2 weeks and terrible the next. You just want them to be great all the time!

  • It's Hard To Put Your Finger On The Issue

    The issues you have with this person are subtle, hard to put you finger on, and you feel like it's your fault and you're over-reacting to every little thing.

  • There's An Excuse For EVERYTHING! 

    Your problem employee has an answer, an excuse and a come back for EVERYTHING. They don't take responsibility and nothing
    is ever their fault.

  • You're Sick Of Second Guessing Yourself 

    You've had enough! You're ready to get to the bottom of what's actually going on so you can take back control (with confidence, not confrontation).

The 3 Reasons You Have a Problem Employee 

Understanding The Core 'Problem Type'
is Fastest Way to the Right Solution.

When we have a challenge with one of our team we often assume that we know what's causing the issue.

We tell ourselves they are just lazy, they don't know what they're doing, that it's a problem with this generation. Or worse we tip toe around things thinking we're being 'mean' by asking them to do something, or that we are over reacting to something that seems small.

The truth - it's almost never what we think that's causing the underperformance issues and until we understand the real problem, we will never get to the right solution.

Which 1 (or more) are you dealing with?

Discover how hundreds of other business owners have solved their people problems...

I Have Confidence!
Kristy-Lee is so supportive and responsive to all of the questions I have. If it wasn't for her support I wouldn't have the confidence to face the team and have the difficult conversations. Her knowledge and expertise on all areas of HR ensures we have the right advice and ensures we don't fall into a legal nightmare.

Michael Trimblett - General Manager, Loyal IT Solutions

It Really Works!
The depth of knowledge is fantastic, and so I know I can rely on the information - it is accurate and practical. Both really critical for us as a small business - they get the small business environment. Thanks to this we are getting amazing results, the framework really works!

Jayne Gallagher - Director, Honey & Fox

Meet the Author

Hi there, I'm Kristy-Lee and I've helped hundreds of business owners turn problem employees into superstars.

I'm a nationally recognised HR expert who loves nothing more than to help small to medium sized businesses overcome (and avoid!) staffing stress and headaches.

Having worked with thousands of business owners and their teams over the last 10 + years, I know first hand how frustrating, time consuming and energy draining it can be to have a problem employee on your team.

I've created this Guide to help you identify the exact type of problem, or combination of issues, you're dealing with. And with that knowledge I'll show you the exact solution, and what to do next to solve this challenge.

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