Are you avoiding tough conversations?

This free guide will walk you through a simple step by step framework to having any difficult conversation with one of your team.

Ever avoiding going into the office so you didn't have to have THAT conversation?

You're not alone, if you've managed people for any length of time, you will have had to engage in a conversation that was difficult, challenging, awkward, confrontational or the perfect storm of all of these things.

You've possibly also experienced:

  • Being kept up at night stressing about the problem and how you can have the conversation;
  • Other team members complaining and asking why nothing is being done;
  • A sick feeling in the pit of your stomach at the thought of talking to this person;
  • Anxiety, increased heart rate, sweaty palms, headaches and nervous tension.


There is both good and bad news:

The bad news: By putting it off, none of these things go away, in fact they are likely to get worse!

The good news: It is possible to have these conversations without the sky falling in, and in fact you will feel better for it.

Grab your free guide to tackling tough conversations which will walk you through a simple, step by step framework for handling any hard conversation you need to have. 

Do yourself and your team a favour ...

You owe it to yourself, your team, your business and this employee to have this conversation - now. Use this simple Guide to step you through a framework that will have you handling these conversations with ease and grace.




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