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Is It Time To Level Up Your BOSS Skills?

Never second guess a leadership decision again! (seriously!).

Are you the owner of a small to medium-sized business? Do you want to master the mental game of being the boss and develop the practical skills to manage the team and have complete control of compliant HR processes? Power BOSS is for you!

No one gets into business for the love of people management, the desire to learn complicated and technical HR compliance law or because stepping into the CEO role sounds simple.

Power BOSS is designed to help you become the best manager, leader and business BOSS you can be.

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I'm Kristy-Lee 

I help small to medium sized businesses overcome (and avoid!) staffing stress and headaches by making sure their businesses are protected, they hire the best people and once they have them they have the tools, knowledge and resources to get the most out of them.

My mission is to help you build a business that is successful by all the measures - whilst getting your nights and weekends back!

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FREE Employment Contract Checklist

Discover what should (and what definitely should not) be included in your employment contracts to ensure your business is protected.

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Finally - affordable HR support on demand, without the hefty consulting fees! Get the knowledge, tools, resources and support to handle anything to do with your team with complete confidence.

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Are you the owner of a small to medium-sized business? Do you want to master the mental game of being the boss and develop the practical skills to manage the team? Power BOSS Private Coaching is for you!

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The show for business owners, leaders and managers who want to better understand their employees, create high performing teams and know how to handle even the toughest staffing headache. 

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Here's What our People Powered HR Members
Have to Say...

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"As the owner of a small, but growing business, I knew that I needed HR support, but I didn't really understand the value of it. After joining People Powered HR After joining I quickly became aware of all the things I didn't know that I didn't know. This is definitely one of the best investments a small business owner can make to support their growth."

~Loren Bartley, CEO Impactiv8

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"Kristy-lee, has always been so supportive and responsive to all of our questions. If it wasn’t for her assistance I wouldn’t have the confidence to face the team to have the difficult conversations.  She conveys her knowledge and expertise on all HR subjects we have had to deal and always gives the well-researched right advice to ensure we don’t fall into a legal nightmare."

~Michael Trimblett - General Manager Loyal IT Solutions

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People Powered HR 

Get access to expert HR advice on demand (for less than $25 per week!).

Ever been kept up at night stressing about a staffing problem?

Like most business owners and those who manage and lead teams my guess is - YES! 

Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself things like:

  • Why don’t they think like me?
  • How hard is it to find good people?
  • I might as well do it myself!

Maybe you know, deep down, that without you, the business simply can’t function properly.

Add to that the complexities of legislation, being compliant and staying clear of the Fair Work Commission – it’s no wonder staffing is the number 1 pain point of most small to medium-sized business owners.

Managing people can be hard, stressful, time-consuming and energy-draining - but it doesn't have to be.

People Powered HR takes the headache out of HR.


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Whether it's the latest legislative changes, lessons in leadership or the latest strategies when it comes to building, motivating and managing your team, my regular blog articles have you covered.

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Subscribe wherever you love listening to podcasts! Every Wednesday a brand new episode of The People Powered Business Podcast drops where I share practical advice on all things people in your business.

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Join leadership expert Juliet Robinson (from Big Goals) and I every fortnight for your regular dose of leadership inspiration and insight. Subscribe now on your favourite podcast listening app. 

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