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Why the team that got us here may not be the team to move forward

blog Nov 27, 2023

The Growth Journey of Any Business

Something that a lot of small to medium businesses experience is the growing pains when the team that helped them get to a certain stage, isn’t the dream team you need to take you to the next level.

Every business embarks on a growth journey, evolving through different stages: idea-powered, you-powered, person-powered, team-powered, and, finally, people-powered.

The dynamics and skills required at each stage are distinct. Understanding this journey is crucial for aligning your team with your business's current stage and future aspirations. It’s also important to have effective onboarding and offboarding to allow for this kind of growth to happen without disrupting your business or team.

Getting Clear on How Your Business is Evolving

As your business evolves, so does your role. From being idea-driven to person-powered, your responsibilities transform. Clarity emerges as you refine your goals. It's a natural progression that necessitates...

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The Road to a Successful Year: When to Plan, How to Create Space, and Engage Your Team

blog Nov 06, 2023

Setting your business and team up for success

 If you're a business owner, chances are you've grappled with the idea of planning at some point. Are you a meticulous planner, or do you prefer to dive headfirst into action without a detailed roadmap?

While planning can be done on the fly or responsively, planning for success across a business requires leaders to line up key elements to ensure a successful and productive planning process.

Not only is it critical to plan for your business in the first place, but timing and creating the right environment for your team to bring their best ideas and insights to the table are paramount to how successful your planning sessions will be.


Why is Planning for Success in Business So Important?

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, planning can seem mundane. In fact, that’s true of my own experiences with planning. I used to see planning as one of the most boring parts of my ‘job’ as a business owner and...

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What are Employee Assistance Programs, & Does My Business Need One?

blog Oct 29, 2023

What are Employee Assistance Programs, and Does My Business Need One?


Employee well-being has become a prominent topic of discussion in the world of human resources, particularly in a post-COVID landscape. In our People Pathway, well-being is a point of significant interest in the journey an employee goes on throughout their time with an organisation.


As employers, whether that’s in a small to medium business or a larger corporate environment, understanding employee well-being is critical to ensuring a safe and effective workplace culture.


As leaders, it’s our responsibility to set the standard when it comes to the well-being of our teams.


The Idea of Employee Wellbeing

At first glance, 'employee wellbeing' might seem like a vast and daunting concept for small and medium-sized businesses. Is it even relevant for small businesses?


It's essential to recognise that well-being encompasses physical, mental, and emotional facets. Yes, it's...

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New Positive Duty Laws – Are You Compliant?

blog Oct 14, 2023

Positive Duty Laws under the Sex Discrimination Act

The recently published Positive Duty guidelines from the Australian Human Rights Commission have been developed to help organisations and businesses eliminate unlawful behaviour as much as possible in their workplaces.

In late 2022, the Respect Work Act was passed into law, marking a significant legislative change in Australia's industrial relations landscape. As part of this comprehensive legislation, a new legal framework was introduced, referred to as 'positive duty.'

This framework places an onus on employers to take reasonable steps to eliminate sexual harassment and sex-based discrimination within their workplaces under the Sex Discrimination Act.

The fundamental shift is that it's no longer adequate for employers to react to complaints as they arise. Instead, they now have a proactive obligation to implement measures that prevent these issues from happening in the first...

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Effective Leadership: Striking the Perfect Balance Between Likability & Respect

blog Oct 09, 2023

Leading a team is like a dance.

One of the key steps to the leadership dance is finding the sweet spot between being liked by your team and being respected by them.

It’s critical for leaders at any level to consider the balancing act of respectability versus likeability when it comes to their team, as one or the other could emerge more dominantly. Still, great leaders require harmony between these two aspects of themselves.

Respect is the cornerstone of a high-performing, reliable, and motivated team. Likeability is also essential for building rapport, but sometimes leaders can mistake being liked for being respected, and that’s not always the case.


Why Are We So Focused on Our People 'Liking' Us?

It's not uncommon for leaders, especially those in small businesses, to desire to be liked by their team. Sometimes, the mental game of being the boss is overwhelming, confusing and just plain complicated. The yearning for camaraderie, bonding and that sense of belonging...

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How to Lead with Confidence: Lessons from a Difficult Conversation

blog Sep 27, 2023

Navigating Uncharted Waters

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation so uncomfortable and challenging that it haunted your thoughts for years? It may have left you questioning your leadership abilities and replaying the scenario in your mind, wondering what you could have done differently.


13 years ago, I had a difficult conversation that forever changed my approach to communicating with my team. This conversation taught me invaluable lessons about leadership, difficult conversations, and the courage to lead confidently.


Picture this: It was an ordinary Friday afternoon – when I should have been home with my baby. Instead, I was at the office, facing a situation that would shake me to my core. I was leading a growing team, and on that Friday, I was about to have one of the most challenging conversations of my professional life.


Little did I know that this encounter would become a cornerstone in my journey as a business leader.



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Mastering Difficult Conversations at Work: 10 Types of Difficult Conversations

blog Sep 17, 2023

The unavoidable truth about difficult conversations


Mastering difficult conversations at work is an invaluable skill – especially for leaders – but do you know the ten most common types of difficult conversations?


While difficult conversations about performance management are definitely one of the most common types of difficult conversations we see in workplaces, they’re just the tip of the iceberg.


Business owners and leaders will encounter a wide range of challenging conversations with their teams, and knowing how to approach and navigate these difficult conversations is an invaluable skill.


So, while performance dramas are undoubtedly a significant part of the landscape regarding difficult discussions, it's a mistake to believe that these are the only challenging conversations you'll have as a leader in business.



The 10 Types of Difficult Conversations at Work


There are many reasons why avoiding difficult...

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The Value of a Code of Conduct

blog Sep 06, 2023


Policies that support your business and team


If you run a business or an organisation, the Code of Conduct is one policy you want to invest in.

Creating policies for your business might not be the most exciting task, we get it – but some guidelines are essential, and this is one of them.


Having a code underpins and informs almost everything your business does, from communication best practices to acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. In this blog post, we explore what a Code of Conduct is, where and why it's useful, and how it can significantly benefit your business.


What is a Code of Conduct?


A Code of Conduct is a formal document that outlines the guiding principles, standards, and behavioural expectations for all team members within your organisation. It serves as a set of rules and guidelines that govern interactions, communications, and behaviour...

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Changes to the Parental Leave Pay Scheme

blog Aug 28, 2023

Understanding changes to the parental leave pay scheme as an employer

If you run a business with staff,  keeping up with compliance is one of the most important things to be on top of.

The Parental Leave Pay scheme is a significant pillar of support for families. The recent changes represent a step toward greater flexibility and inclusivity, recognising the diverse dynamics of modern families.

To ensure you stay up to date with current changes to compliance, we’re covering the recent changes to the Parental Leave Pay Scheme. If you have team members who have recently had a child or adopted a child, or you have team members who will be going through that process in the future, the details we cover below will be beneficial.


What is the parental leave pay scheme?   

The Parental Leave Pay Scheme can be a bit confusing for the uninitiated, primarily because even though it has the word ‘leave’ in the name, it’s not actually a type of leave....

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Break Free from Micromanagement: Reclaim Your Time and Control at Work

blog Aug 21, 2023

What is micromanagement at work?

Micromanagement at work refers to a management style that is typically excessive and controlling and usually exercised by a supervisor or manager. This management style focuses heavily on task-specific elements while often neglecting the bigger picture, such as overall outcomes, staff development, and collaborative teamwork.

Micromanagement can impede team efficiency and arise from several underlying factors. These factors usually encompass a lack of confidence in team members' competencies, a tendency to seek control due to apprehension or self-doubt, and a need to maintain close oversight to ensure tasks meet personal expectations.

Micromanagement frequently emerges when leaders encounter challenges in effectively delegating tasks, motivating their team, and fostering a culture of accountability. Although the motivations behind micromanagement might be rooted in aspirations for success, the approach inadvertently restricts autonomy, stifles...

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