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5 Key Aspects to Effective Onboarding

blog May 10, 2024

Do you know the core principles of effectively onboarding your new hire?

Did you know that onboarding effectively can drastically reduce the speed at which your new hire is functioning at full capacity? 

This timeframe can be reduced down from the typical 12-18 months down to 2-6 months.

According to SHRM, the first 45 days of employment account for up to 20% of worker turnover while Sapling HR credits poor onboarding experiences as doubling the likelihood of the employee finding another position.

Effective onboarding is critical to engaging your new hire in their new role and for your business or organisation. This can increase the likelihood that your staff will stay on longer and be performing their best sooner rather than later.

According to ClickBoarding, interactive employees who engage in a structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to stay for three years.

There are 5 key elements that a business of any size can implement right now to improve their onboarding...

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Hiring Well is Only One Part of the Puzzle

blog May 03, 2024

You can't outrun a bad hire.


There's no doubt that getting the hiring decision right is essential to building an amazing team that's going to do all the right things for your business and really help you have a successful business.


But the reality is hiring well is only one part of the puzzle and it's something I've seen clients alone the hard way over and over again.


The rest of the pathway that an employee takes with your business is equally important to ensuring you have not just a successful hire, but someone who stays with you long term who is loyal, motivated, engaged, productive – all those great things we want our employees to be.

The secret sauce to this is great leadership through a clear framework I call the P.E.O.P.L.E Pathway.


You can’t outrun a bad hire – but what if you hired well and it’s still not working smoothly?

I thought I'd made great hiring choices early on in my business and I took my first holiday away...

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Leading Different Generations in the Workplace: Bridging the Generation Gap

blog Apr 29, 2024

In running a small to medium sized business, and leading a multi-generational team, the ability to lead effectively across generations is not just an asset but a necessity.


Today's workforce is more diverse than ever, with a great variety of experiences, values, and expectations that span multiple generations. From Baby Boomers to Generation Z, each group brings its own unique perspective, influenced by the socio-economic and technological landscapes of their formative years. This diversity, while a source of strength, presents a complex challenge for leaders: how to understand, engage, and motivate across generational lines.


Embracing Generational Diversity: A Path to Success

The key to harnessing the power of generational diversity lies in understanding. It's about recognising that differences in approach and perspective are not just inevitable but valuable. These differences provide a broader range of ideas, approaches, and solutions to challenges, driving...

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Setting the Standard: How Boundaries Shape High-Performing Teams

blog Apr 22, 2024

We all know the feeling, we’re losing sleep, we’re avoiding the person at work, we’re angry, frustrated and tearing our hair out. We have an employee who is not performing, not showing up how we want them to at work or behaving in a negative way, a way that isn’t sitting right with you.


We can’t always quite put our finger on the exact issue, it’s just not quite right, but it’s wrong enough to be consuming our time and attention. Or maybe it is more obvious, but we feel like we’re going over the top if we bring it up – we don’t want them to feel like we are micromanaging them or pulling them up for something that feels petty and insignificant (yet the fact that it’s consuming our time and attention does in fact mean that at some level it is significant to us).


So, we tolerate it, whether it’s behaviour, attendance, performance or something else, we tolerate it. We think maybe it’s not that...

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Building Stronger Teams with Psychometric and Personality Assessments Tools

blog Apr 15, 2024

In the ever changing and constantly challenging world of small business, navigating the complexities of team dynamics and individual behaviours is more than a skill—it's an art.


For Australian business owners juggling the demands of a growing team, understanding the intricate tapestry of human interaction within your teams can seem like deciphering an ancient code. Yet, the key to this code, and subsequently the success of your team, might just lie in a tool that is both powerful and insightful: psychometric and personality assessments.


The Spectrum of Psychometric Assessments

Imagine having a map that not only shows you the terrain but also highlights the strengths and potential pitfalls of your team members. Psychometric assessments offer just that, serving as a compass in the vast sea of human behaviour and thinking. These tools range from personality assessments, which shed light on communication and interaction styles, to cognitive and skill-based...

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The Key to Success in Business is Learning to Let Go

blog Apr 08, 2024

Elsa sings in the earworm Disney hit, Frozen, “Let It Go” which is a nice sentiment but not a reality for many business owners who often carry too much on their plates and wear too many hats.

At some stage in a successfully growing small to medium business, the owner and founder is going to have to start letting some of their daily tasks and responsibilities go. This is usually to other people in the business as they start to hire and expand, or outsourcing when there’s a little more cash flowing through the business (sometimes before).


The reality is, in order for our businesses to grow and thrive, and for us to have time to live the life we want, we are going to have to learn how to start letting things go.


Letting go isn’t an easy task as a business owner, though – especially in fledgling or rapidly growing businesses.


Why are we so bad at letting go in our businesses?


When we talk about letting go, we’re talking...

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How Many People Can One Person Really Manage Effectively?

blog Apr 01, 2024

There’s a fine balance between the number of people that report into any one position and how effectively a business or organisation continues to run. It’s quite often an aspect of organisational structure that is overlooked, neglected, or spirals quickly out of control as businesses scale and grow without a clearly identified structure or resourcing plan for growth.


But there is a magic number of direct reports that hits the sweet spot, ensuring that you have just the right number of staff reporting into a single position while still ensuring that position itself is effective depending on the nature of the role.


Structure is one of the fundamental aspects of ensuring that you don’t overwhelm, or even underwhelm, your management team and help set them, and their teams, up for success – in the long run, this feeds into your business success and is well worth investing in.


There are actually five key factors or variables that impact the...

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Are You Curious Enough in Your Team Conversations?

blog Mar 25, 2024

Were you like me, and one of those kids who would ask ‘why?’ all… the… time?

My parents must have lost count of the number of times I said ‘but why’ and kept asking and asking and asking until I had a satisfactory answer, and I quite often didn’t.


Our Natural Curiosity

As young ones we are naturally curious, some more than others, but we all have a natural curiosity, and it seems that as we grow older, wiser, more experienced, we stop leaning into that curiosity. We become quicker to make assumptions, to assume we know the answer, to make educated guesses. That serves us well some of the time, but a lack of curiosity can also have its downside – we miss things, we miss the truth, we make false assumptions, and we make decisions based off half-baked information.


The Decline in Our Curiosity

I first witnessed this fading in true curiosity when completing a major research paper for my university studies, when I was...

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The Top 10 Types of Difficult Conversations Every Business Owner Needs to Have

blog Mar 18, 2024

Mastering difficult conversations at work is an invaluable skill – especially for leaders – but do you know the ten most common types of difficult conversations?

While difficult conversations about performance management are definitely one of the most common types of difficult conversations we see in workplaces, they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

Business owners and leaders will encounter a wide range of challenging conversations with their teams, and knowing how to approach and navigate these difficult conversations is an invaluable skill. 

So, while performance dramas are undoubtedly a significant part of the landscape regarding difficult discussions, it's a mistake to believe that these are the only challenging conversations you'll have as a leader in business.


Why We Avoid Difficult Conversations at Work

There are many reasons why avoiding difficult conversations is bad for business, the most obvious being the creation of a toxic work environment...

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Avoiding Difficult Conversations – A Recipe for Disaster

blog Mar 11, 2024

This is one of the topics I most often get asked about.

I see business owners, leaders and managers struggling with this one all the time: tackling difficult conversations with staff. Usually, this comes after a period of avoiding that difficult conversation which is what we’re going to spend a bit of time today looking at in depth.

We Are Conflict Avoiders

If you’re anything like me, conflict is not something you run headfirst toward with arms wide open to embrace - that’s exactly why tough conversations are hard.

That dreaded feeling in the pit of your stomach, sleepless nights, anxiety, avoiding the staff member and putting off THAT conversation, if not avoiding it entirely.

You are absolutely not alone.

It’s a Skill We Can All Learn

Even with my experience, I don’t like having these conversations either. I never have, and while I’m definitely better at tackling these tough conversations, it doesn’t mean I like it any more than I did...

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