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Private Coaching and Mentoring

Personalised guidance, support, coaching and mentoring from your on call expert to support you with creating compliant and best practice HR, level up your boss skills and become the best small business leader you can be.

Online Membership & Resource Library

Australia's most supportive and informed online community for businesses who employ less than 50 staff. Get the knowledge, tools and resources you need to handle anything to do with your team with complete confidence. 

Tailored Coaching, Training and Support

Support your team, your leaders and yourself to build the skills, knowledge and expertise to find, lead, motivate and keep great people with bespoke, tailored training and coaching. 
Tailored to meet you where you are at, for teams and individuals. 

Get the knowledge, tools and resources to handle absolutely anything to do with your team, with complete confidence (even if you've struggled with finding and keeping staff in the past). An affordable monthly subscription with no lock in contracts. 

My exclusive private coaching & mentoring program for successful small business owners. Master the mental game of being the BOSS and get complete control of a compliant HR function. 


Our tailored coaching, mentoring and training can support you with everything from how to run successful interviews to better understanding your teams individual communication styles. 


Words From Our Clients

"Fall back in love with your business again"

"If you are a busy business owner, your business is growing fast, you feel that you are sometimes being... left to pick up the pieces... then the Power BOSS program is your answer. 

The ongoing support from Kristy-Lee, the resources, the skills and the knowledge that she can offer to my business is that everything is fixable. It will start to change the game very, very quickly for your business and have you fall back in love with your business again and in love with your team again.”

Yvonne Shepherd, CEO, Women's Fitness Adventures.

"I knew I needed HR support"

As the owner of a small, but growing business, I knew that I needed HR support, but I didn't really understand the value of it enough to consider hiring an agency.

Then I heard about People Powered HR and it seemed like a way to get access to the information and support I required, without having to invest loads of money for a HR service that I wasn't even sure I would need.

After joining I quickly became aware of all the things I didn't know that I didn't know. This is definitely one of the best investments a small business owner can make to support their growth."

Loren Bartley, CEO, Impactiv8

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