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Have you ever been kept up at night stressing over or thinking through a staffing problem? 

Like most business owners and those who manage and lead teams my guess is YES, I know I have been.

Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself things like:

  • Why don’t they think like me?
  • How hard is it to find good people?
  • I might as well do it myself

Or you know deep down that without you, the business simply can’t function properly.

Perhaps you have thought, or literally said: if only someone else could do this part of the business for me – the dealing with the staff part.

Add into that the complexities of the legislation, being compliant and staying clear of the Fair Work Commission – it’s no wonder staffing is the number 1 pain point of most small to medium sized business owners.

Managing people can be hard, stressful, time consuming and energy draining - but it doesn't have to be.

Having a successful business relies on you building and leading a great team, and the good news is this, whilst hiring, managing and employing people does require some detail, it doesn’t need to be difficult.

All you require are these things:

  • The ability to make great decisions when it comes to the people you need in your business;
  • Planning - having a clear structure and plan to get there;
  • Hiring the right person for the right role, at the right moment for your business, the first time;
  • Putting in place processes to protect your business;
  • Creating and implementing great engagement and retention strategies;
  • Knowing how to exit someone when the time is right.

As you're already a savvy and successful leader, all of this is achievable, and you have the skills and resources to make this happen, I have no doubt.

Perhaps you’d like to take the pressure off yourself, get some help, have support and know that you’re getting it right. Maybe you'd like to take a shortcut and rather than trying to figure it out yourself, get the expert support and guidance when you need it.

That’s where People Powered HR comes in – we are your one stop shop for advice, support, knowledge and resources for anything to do with your people.

Getting the right team together and knowing how to leverage them once you have the right people is critical to your business success, and to you being able to take on the role in the business that you really want to – People Powered HR will get you there.

  • Included will be a full resource library so that you never have to worry about creating a HR policy or document from scratch again;
  • We will have monthly training sessions to help guide you through the complexities of building and managing your amazing team so that you can have more time to do what you love;
  • There will be regular Q&A sessions at least 1 / month where you can submit your questions or ask them live and have them answered directly by me;
  • A community of like minded business owners, leaders and managers so you can connect with others who might have experienced similar challenges and celebrate your success together;
  • Technical updates in real time so you never have to trawl the Fair Work website or worry that you may have missed something.

Does this sound like it might save you some time, remove the overwhelm, help provide clarity and provide assurance that any HR question will be answered – any time?

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