Totally confused by what should be included in your Employment Agreements / Contracts?

 This free checklist gives you the essentials, the compliance considerations and the extra ideas that will really ensure your agreements work for you. 

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Does the thought of getting the employment contract wrong terrify you?

Or worse still have you avoided doing them at all - because who has time for more paperwork?  


You're not alone, like many business owners you like to rely on trust, and you also may have found that in the past letters of offer and other agreements haven't really helped you when you needed them.

The reality is, a well written, compliant and thorough employment agreement, or letter of engagement, or employment contract is designed to protect you and your business.

These documents solidify the terms of the employment agreement and can absolutely be the best investment you make when an issue does arise (and if you've employed people for any length of time, you might have discovered that it's inevitable).


There is both good and bad news:

The bad news: By avoiding writing these documents, or by having them too light on in detail, or non compliant, you leave your business exposed to risk, and unnecessary costs..

The good news: It doesn't need to be complicated, and you certainly don't need to pay an expensive lawyer to do this for you.

Grab your free checklist to learn the fundemental clauses you need to include, understand what compliance clauses you need to consider, and uncover the 'nice to have' extras that can really make an employment agreement work for your business.

Don't put it off another day, grab your checklist and get your agreements sorted today!

Do yourself and your business a favour...

You owe it to yourself and your business to not only ensure you are compliant, but to make sure you are clear and protected. The employment agreement is the document to deliver this for you. 

Use this free checklist to confidently understand what you need in a great employment agreement or letter of engagement. 

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Do yourself and your team a favour...

You owe it to yourself, your team, your business and this employee to have this conversation - NOW.

Use this exact framework and you'll be confidently handling these conversations in no time with total ease.

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