Casual HR Support

Whether you're looking to outsource your entire HR function, provide support to your existing HR team or wanting to have on call help at hand to answer those tricky questions, People Powered Consulting's accredited, qualified and highly experienced SME HR specialists can provide the best support for your business.

Our HR solutions are uniquely tailored to your business so that we can support you in achieving business goals through effective, efficient and best practice HR.

Casual HR Support is currently available exclusively to our active subscribers to People Powered HR. To find out more about People Powered HR and get access to 1:1 HR Consultancy support, click here:

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What Can I Get HR Help With?

If it's to do with the people in your business - we can help!

From recruitment, to onboarding, managing staff, performance issues, motivating the team or exiting effectively - we've got you!

Here are just some of the areas we can support with:

  • Recruitment strategies and implementation, including writing ads, screening applications and interviewing applicants
  • Create or update Position Descriptions
  • Create and review Employment Contracts
  • Creating Individual Flexibility Agreements and Annualised Wage Agreements
  • Award interpretation and Fair Work compliance advice
  • Create onboarding processes
  • Design and implementation of workplace policies and procedures
  • Design, implement and conduct employee Performance Management and Review Programs
  • Review exiting HR Strategy and / or design and implement tailored HR Strategies
  • Manage Unfair Dismissal claims
  • Design and support all aspects of Organisational Redesign and Restructure
  • Advice and implementation of redundancies
  • Manage or conduct internal staff and management training
  • Wage and salary reviews
  • Succession planning
  • Fair Work Act and Modern Award compliance checks and interpretation advice.
  • Plus anything else you need!

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