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Hiring staff can be annoying - am I right?

Not to mention the cost, stress and frustration if you get it wrong!


Let's be honest annoying is probably the nicest word we could use for it. 

As business owners, leaders and managers we all know the frustration, cost and time loss involved with hiring the wrong person. After all the time energy and effort you put into finding someone, they can't do what they said they could, don't fit in with the team or are just clearly not right for the role.

Right now more than ever making the right hiring choices, and knowing how to identify the stars from the rest is even more challenging and important than ever.

In this three part course you will learn the exact strategies, tools and tactics you need to make great staffing decisions, and make sure the next time you need to recruit a new team member you have everything you need to hire the right person, the first time!

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The Power of Planning

Lesson 1 is all about the power of planning and how critical this step is in guaranteeing recruitment success.

Attract - Screen- Assess

Lesson 2 takes a deep dive into stellar strategies to attract the best applicant pool, screen and assess them. 

The Decision, The Offer and The Journey

Lesson 3 covers sometimes the toughest part of the process - knowing how to make the right decision.

Your Presenter

The course is presented by Kristy-Lee Billett, HR expert with more than 20 years experience building teams by getting the hiring process right. 

Avoid a Recruitment Disaster!

Did you know it costs between 30% to 150% of an employees salary
when you need to refill that position?

Imagine that - you are literally talking tends of thousands of dollars
every time you need to refill a role.

Getting it right the first time not only makes your life easier - it absolutely saves you money.

The Hire Right course gives you all the knowledge you need to make the right recruitment decisions when you next need to hire a new team member.

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The Hire Right Course truly is 20 years of industry experience condensed
into 3 easily digestible, and super implementable lessons.

I look forward to welcoming you into the course and seeing your progress.

You can't build a business that will deliver you the success you
seek and the freedom you desire without a great team -
and the first step to building a great team is getting the
hiring right.

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