Celebrating 200 Episodes with an 'Ask Me Anything' Live Stream

podcast Jan 10, 2024
People Powered Business
Celebrating 200 Episodes with an 'Ask Me Anything' Live Stream

Hello and welcome to Episode 200 of the People Powered Business Podcast!

To celebrate this milestone episode, we live streamed this episode last week as a special ‘ask me anything’ session and got some great questions.

Everything from:

·       How a small business can be a great place to work and compete with all the perks the big businesses can offer;

·      What have been the most downloaded episodes of the podcast so far;

·       What is the biggest hiring mistake small business owners make;

·       How can I get my people to take ownership and responsibility for their roles;

·       How can I better navigate the switch from ‘employee’ to ‘employer’;

·       When should a small business start to think about wellbeing programs and what are some strategies;

·       Plus more!!

This ‘ask me anything’ style of episode has proven so popular we’re going to do them monthly throughout 2024. Each month I’ll select one pre submitted question from a listener and answer it on the podcast. Have a question for me? Just email it to [email protected]

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