Using Psychometrics in the Recruitment Process with Charissa Lim

podcast Aug 24, 2022
People Powered Business
Using Psychometrics in the Recruitment Process with Charissa Lim

Hello and welcome to Episode 128 of the People Powered Business Podcast!

Today I am joined by Charissa Lim of Impact Persona to chat all things Psychometrics Assessments, especially in the recruitment process.

Charissa is a Certified Behavioural Consultant and DISC advocate who’s passionate about helping businesses gain first-hand insights into the people's behavioural traits through one of the world's most popular personality profiling tools. 

She's on a mission to save businesses and hiring managers time and money - especially those who find psychometric assessment reports complex and not to mention, costly.

Working with hiring managers, recruiters and career coaches,  Charissa has created a variety of bespoke DISC reports that are not only cost-effective but are also very simple to digest.

People come with different personalities. Charissa's goal is to harness the power of DISC Profiling to help her clients make informed hiring decisions, and identify the most ideal candidates that would best fit the business culture or role requirements.

If you’d like to contact Charissa you can reach her on LinkedIn here:

Or via her website:

 If you’d like to ask questions or start a discussion about using psychometrics in the workplace, I have an invitation for you.

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