How this one thing helped Loren set up her team for success

podcast Oct 06, 2021
People Powered Business
How this one thing helped Loren set up her team for success
Hello and welcome to Episode 82 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we’re joined by Loren Bartley, CEO of Impactiv8.
Loren shares her journey to FINALLY doing performance appraisals in her business, and how, after 12 years, finally getting on top of this has allowed her to stop avoiding, remove the fear, take control and most importantly set her team up for success.
What I most loved in what Loren shared today was the realisation that:
  • Performance Reviews aren’t just about pay rises;
  • The framework she has implemented has allowed her to hire good people, who might have been asking for high salaries, but to bring them on at a pay level she is comfortable with, and then increasing their salaries once they have proven themselves;
  • She has created KPI’s as part of the process, which absolutely will help to drive performance; and
  • As her business grows, the structure she has established now will allow for her to stay in the drivers seat, and not feel overwhelmed trying to implement all of this when she has a larger team.
Loren mentioned the amazing work her team are doing with recipients of the Victorian Government grant, you can find out more about that right here:
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