Self Care Is Not Selfish

podcast Jul 28, 2020

Hello and welcome to Episode 20 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we discussed the importance of self-care for leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs and managers of teams, and specifically unpacked the myth that self-care is selfish.
I share with you my personal journey of the realisation of the importance of self-care, ditching the guilt and prioritising the need for self-care in order to be able to run my business, lead my team and serve my customers.
I mentioned in this episode our HR Mid Year Re Set Series being run over at our consultancy business. If you’d like to catch up with those episodes, head over to Facebook and re watch the video series recorded each and every day in July.
If you’d like to reach out to us with feedback or suggestions or ideas about future topics for the podcast you can reach us on Facebook at or you can email Kristy-Lee directly at [email protected]

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