Are you tolerating too much? With Special Guest Shandra Moran

podcast May 19, 2020

Hello and welcome to Episode 10 of the People Powered Business Podcast! In today's episode we were fortunate to have a very special guest, Shandra Moran.
Shandra is a Professional Results Coach, internationally accredited money breakthrough coach, co-author of an international bestselling book ‘Elevate Your Success’ and Founder of the Transit Lounge, a boutique leadership consultancy which specialises in working with women who have had a successful career and want to transition into starting and growing their own business.
The inspiration for todays discussion in fact came from one of Shandra’s very own podcast episodes on her podcast, The Transit Lounge, where she was exploring the concept of tolerance, you can take a listen to that episode here.
So I thought what better person to have on the show to talk about the issue of tolerance amongst managers and employees than Shandra herself.
As discussed, managing what we tolerate in the workplace and how we deal with this can be a really tricky situation, and often involved difficult and uncomfortable discussions which no one likes to have. So, to help, I’ve created a simple framework for having difficult discussions at work and you can get your free copy here: Get My Copy
If you’d like to connect with Shandra directly you can do so via LinkedIn or you can find out more, and listen to her podcasts at
As always, if you have questions, comments or would like to start a conversation head on over to Facebook where you can ask a question, make a comment or send me a message directly at
In next weeks episode we’ll be learning how to screen resumes like a ninja! Cutting your screening time, making better screening decisions and removing the overwhelm from the hiring process.

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