Leading Different Generations and Bridging the Gap

podcast Mar 13, 2024
People Powered Business
Leading Different Generations and Bridging the Gap

Hello and welcome to Episode 209 of the People Powered Business Podcast!

Today we are answering a question that has come in from one of our listeners Lara. Lara’s question is: Lara’s question: how do you lead a team of young men when you’re an old fuddy duddy!?

To help unpack this further we start todays’ episode by looking to understand the different generations at work, and use McCrindle Research information to help us with that.

Then we discuss why a different generation doesn’t mean wrong or different, it’s just their lived experiences that has shaped them and how they approach work.

Finally we look specifically at leading younger generations in the workplace, and spotlight Gen Z who are currently aged 14 to 29.

The McCrindle Research tells us that Gen Z value approachable leaders who are clear communicators and display empathy.

They are focused on buying their own home and seeking financial freedom and they make decisions on their next role based on the access to an approachable leader.

So to lead Gen Z effectively, we need to be that approachable leader first and foremost.

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