5 Sure Signs Your Employee Has Checked Out

podcast Mar 10, 2021
People Powered Business
5 Sure Signs Your Employee Has Checked Out
In today's episode we are discussing 5 sure fire ways to know your employee has ‘checked out’ and – what to do when you spot this.
We know the stats and research tell us the impact disengagement has on business performance, productivity, profitability and overall team morale, and an employee who has checked out is a disengaged one.
If you spot someone who has checked out, and you’d like some strategies to re engage them in their role, the team and the workplace, as promised I have prepared an Engagement Strategies Guide for you, you can get your free copy here:
I also extended an invitation in todays episode for you to join me for the FREE Interview Essentials Masterclass which I’m hosting on the 16th March, claim your spot here:
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