Only A Third of Employees Are Engaged - Why You Should Be Worried

podcast Nov 22, 2023
People Powered Business
Only A Third of Employees Are Engaged - Why You Should Be Worried

Hello and welcome to Episode 193 of the People Powered Business Podcast!

Today were unpacking a new study released by Gartner HR research which has some disturbing stats regarding engagement.

At their Reimagined HR conference in the US in October they released the report which found  that only 31% of employees reported that they were engaged, enthusiastic and energized by their work!!  Keyia Burton, senior principal, advisory in the Gartner HR Practice said that “despite organizations making investments in engaging their employees, our research shows that almost 70% don’t feel as engaged as they should be and aren’t feeling a meaningful connection to their job.”

Today is discussed how and whether this translates to us, we looked at defining what engagement is, whether this is just slump normal for this time of year and why we should be concerned about these findings.

What about you? Are you seeing this trend, and what are you doing in your business to prevent this? I’d love you to join us in the Facebook Group and let me know.

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