Wages Are on the Up (Again!) But It’s the Other Changes You Need to Know About

podcast Jun 12, 2024
People Powered Business
Wages Are on the Up (Again!) But It’s the Other Changes You Need to Know About

Hello and welcome to Episode 122 of the People Powered Business Podcast.

This week we have a brief but important technical update for you after the Fair Work Commission announced its decision around the National Minimum Wage increase effective 1 July.

This year we have a 3.75% wage increase being applied to the National Minimum Wage and all Modern Award Minimum Wages effective 1 July 2024.

But really, in the scheme of the changes happening in the Industrial Relations legal landscape right now, that’s just the beginning.

We have yet another increase to Superannuation on the 1st July 2024, there are going to be changes to the casual employment definition and a new pathway for casual conversion coming. We of course are about to see the Right to Disconnect laws come into place, which we’ve discussed on a separate episode. There is going to be clarity on the employee v’s contractor conundrum, new protections for gig economy workers and more.

The reality is, as an employer it is our responsibility to proactively keep up with these changes, so if you’re not across them, now is the time to get support and ensure your business is not at risk.

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