Gen Z In The Workplace

podcast May 11, 2021
People Powered Business
Gen Z In The Workplace
Hello and welcome to Episode 61 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we discussed a one of my favourite things to chat about, mainly because I am so interested in human behaviour and trends, and how we see this play out at work, and that is generations in the workplace. Specifically today we spoke about Gen Z.
Gen Z are our first generation of true digital natives, being born between 1995 and 2009, they have grown up in the era of iPhones and iPads and integrate tech into everything. Yet, interestingly, they also crave social and human interaction, especially in the workplace.
Today we discussed not only the general traits of Gen Z, but also what to expect from them in the workplace and how to get the most out of them.
I referred in this discussion to an article by research company McCrindle, you can read that article here >>> McCrindle Research Article
As I mentioned, I would love to hear about your experienced in having Gen Z in your workplace, the benefits and the challenges.
So join us inside our free Facebook Group, HR Support for Australian Businesses so we can have that discussion >>> Join Here.

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