Identifying Imposter Syndrome in Your Team

podcast Apr 28, 2021
People Powered Business
Identifying Imposter Syndrome in Your Team
Hello and welcome to Episode 59 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we had a great discussion about a topic that we haven’t covered on the podcast before – Imposter Syndrome.
Now many of us as entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners and managers may have come up against imposter syndrome ourselves before, but what about our team? Do we know how to spot it and identify it within our team? I think it’s something we often haven’t thought about, or wouldn’t be sure how to identify it and help the employee overcome this.
I recently became aware of the work of Dr. Valerie Young, an expert in this field, who has identified 5 different types of imposter syndrome that may occur in our teams. She speaks and writes about how to identify these and what you might be able to do to assist employees in overcoming this imposter feeling.
In todays episode we unpacked the five types and Dr. Young’s suggestions for helping employee work through and overcome their imposter syndrome.
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