The Journey Everyone Takes to Becoming a Truly People Powered Business

podcast Oct 18, 2023
People Powered Business
The Journey Everyone Takes to Becoming a Truly People Powered Business

Hello and welcome to Episode 188 of the People Powered Business Podcast!

In today’s episode of the podcast we are chatting about becoming the boss, and the journey I have noticed every business owner goes through in building their business and their team to become a business that is truly people powered.

You see this is a journey I notice our People Powered HR members take, it’s one I have taken and it’s one every small business owner makes. It’s not always a straight line, sometimes we bounce between the stages in the journey, but that’s how we learn and create a stronger business for the future.

The stages we all go through are:

  • Having an Idea Powered business, where we are a start up, full of enthusiasm and ideas;
  • Being You Powered – where we are starting to build our team and outsource things, but we are in the drivers seat across everything, and involved at every level;
  • Becoming Person Powered where we have a team of key people and roles, who we can rely on and who power our business day to day;
  • Being Team Powered where we have groups of people to get things done, across all areas of the business, but we are still firmly the key leader;
  • And finally we are People Powered – with a leadership team, succession planning and where we can truly step away knowing our business will thrive.

If you’d like to share where you are in the journey, ask a question or start a discussion about this, I have an invitation for you.


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