The 5 People You Must Have Around You - With Loretta Hart

podcast Aug 11, 2021
Hello and welcome to Episode 74 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we welcomed a special guest to the podcast, Happiness Mentor – Loretta Hart.
Loretta has previously owned and operated small businesses across various sectors and understands that the journey of business should bring joy and happiness, not just the end result or outcome of business. Today she wears many hats, including being a happiness mentor where she loves nothing more than helping chics find their happy.
Loretta loves working with business owners to find their happy, and knows in business this can only happen when we know:
  • where we are headed
  • what we want to convey to the world
  • what our next step is
She has a gift for working with people to pull out all of the really important bits of information, and laying it out in front of them to help them see what’s really possible.
Whilst often on the podcast we’re talking about the people we bring into our teams, in todays episode we’re talking about the people we surround ourselves with in business. Which is arguable equally or even more important. In todays episode Loretta shares with us the 5 people we need to surround ourselves with, and how to go about finding and recruiting them to give ourselves the best possible support network built for success.
I loved this discussion because Loretta really makes it clear and simple, and as we worked through these 5 people I could relate on every level to the importance of having all 5 in place, and was able to reflect upon what my business journey was like at times I had a ‘vacancy’ in one of these roles.
As promised, Loretta has a great quiz she’d love for you to take which she calls the Happiness path quiz - You can take the quiz right here
Alternatively if you’d love to connect with Loretta you can find her anywhere on the socials at Loretta Hart, or connect with her on LinkedIn 
I really hope you enjoy this episode.
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