This One Thing Revolutionised How They Lead and Manage Their Team

podcast Feb 21, 2024
People Powered Business
This One Thing Revolutionised How They Lead and Manage Their Team

Hello and welcome to Episode 206 of the People Powered Business Podcast!

In today’s episode I am sharing some real life examples from our People Powered HR Members and Power Boss Coaching Clients who have revolutionised the way they lead and manage their teams, and the success of their teams, with just 1 thing.

Now this ‘1 thing’ might be different for everyone, and will differ depending on where you are at with your team growth journey. The key is though, it is possible to implement just 1 thing and it be a complete game changer in your business.

The examples I share today include finally starting performance reviews after 12 years, implementing a proven resume screening framework, stepping up and building confidence, focusing in on retention of staff and switching up your thinking when it comes to creating roles in your business.

I hope this episode gives you some inspiration to implement 1 new thing with your team that could be the game changer for you.

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