The 6 Real Reasons You Have Performance Issues

podcast Aug 25, 2021
People Powered Business
The 6 Real Reasons You Have Performance Issues
Hello and welcome to Episode 76 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
There is no doubt that poor performance, performance issues and underperformance are the #1 headaches for business owners and managers when it comes to leading their team.
Some studies have found that businesses can spend 1 day each week managing performance – not the best use of anyone’s time I am sure you can agree. If you’ve found yourself spending 80% of your time managing 20% of your team (and not the top performers), you’ll know what I mean.
Whilst the signs of performance issues can be varied and there are literally millions of ways this may show up at work, there is something I have discovered after working with businesses on their HR over the last 20 years. That is, at the heart of it, there are only 6 core reasons and causes of performance issues.
No matter what the behaviour or performance challenge, they all lead back to one of these 6 core reasons.
In todays episode of the podcast I discuss these reasons in more detail. When it comes to these things, knowledge is power. Once you know which core reason, or reasons, you’re dealing with, you have the knowledge to implement and influence change. You may even turn your current underperformer into your next super star.
As mentioned in todays episode, if you’d like to get a really simple guide to understanding these core reasons, including some tips as to what to do next to turn performance around.
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