New Positive Duty Laws - Are You Compliant?

podcast Oct 11, 2023
People Powered Business
New Positive Duty Laws - Are You Compliant?

Hello and welcome to Episode 187 of the People Powered Business Podcast.

In today’s episode of the podcast we are retuning to a more technical discussion about one of the more recent legislative updates – the introduction of positive duty laws to prevent sexual harassment and sex based discrimination in the workplace.

These laws were passed in late 2022, but given the gravity of the changes being implemented, employers had a grace period to get their house in order. From December 2023 though, the Australian Human Right Commission will be able to commence legal proceedings against employers who are failing to meet their positive duty obligations, and no one, not even small businesses, are exempt.

In todays’ episode we re cap what the positive duties laws are, what they mean for employers. and the AHRC guidelines for achieving compliance with these new requirements.

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