The Team that Got You Here May Not Get You There

podcast Nov 15, 2023
People Powered Business
The Team that Got You Here May Not Get You There

Hello and welcome to Episode 192 of the People Powered Business Podcast!

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In today’s episode I share with you that I am sensing a season of change with our teams. Some change we won’t love, but will be unavoidable. Some change will be change we choose to make, or need to make for the next stage of our business journey.

And that’s what we focus on in today’s episode. The fact that the team that got you to where you are now, may not be the team to get you to where you want to go next.

In this episode we spoke about the reasons for this, and how the resourcing needs in a business will always change.

We also spoke about the Clean Slate Exercise to help you identify if in fact you do need to make some changes.

You can listen to the full Clean Slate Exercise here:

Once you have your ideal future team mapped out what next? What do you do with an employee who no longer fts in your structure, doesn’t have the skills you need moving forward, or are a surplus to your needs?

We discuss all that and more in today’s episode of the podcast.

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