3 Key Ingredients to Retaining Top Talent

podcast Sep 15, 2021
People Powered Business
3 Key Ingredients to Retaining Top Talent
Hello and welcome to Episode 79 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we’re chatting about something that I know is a constant point of concern for many of you – once you find great people, how can you make sure you keep them in your business?
In this episode I am sharing with you the 3 key ingredients to retaining top talent.
Whilst of course there are literally hundreds of practices and strategies you can put in place to retain people in your business, these 3 concepts are critical to retaining your best players, without some strategies in these 3 areas you definitely will have turnover issues.
The 3 Key Ingredients we’re talking about today are:
  • Making Great Decisions;
  • Harnessing Greatness;
  • Rewards and Recognition
We discussed the importance of training, development and learning opportunities in this discussion, and as promised here is a link to our previous episode on creating learning opportunities at work
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