Crafting Effective Position Descriptions for Your Virtual Team

podcast Feb 14, 2024
People Powered Business
Crafting Effective Position Descriptions for Your Virtual Team

Hello and welcome to Episode 205 of the People Powered Business Podcast!

In today's episode we are answering a loyal listeners question.

Each month I will be answering a question from one of our listeners as part of our ask me anything series. Today's question comes from Cat Matson of Impactful Presenters.

Cat’s question is:

I'd like to know how to craft position descriptions for virtual team members. I find myself thinking 'I need some help, and I want them to be virtual', and then I go down the path of 'what can a VA do', rather than crafting a PD (or a set of PDs) that articulate what I want. 

I think this is a great question and one that many business owners wrangle with as they grow their teams.

Today I share the problem with the term ‘VA’ and how it’s messed up our thinking somewhat.

I also discuss the similarly between virtual and in person team, but the difference between an employee and a contractor. For a deep dive on that topic check out Episode 77 – When is a Contractor not a Contractor: 

Finally, I discuss the fact that the same principles still apply, when crafting position descriptions for virtual team members. I highly recommend in the first instance re visiting the Clean Slate Exercise in episode 22:


And the core elements of all great position descriptions as discussed in Episode 7:


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