Employment Agreements, Contracts and Engagement Letters

podcast Dec 22, 2021
People Powered Business
Employment Agreements, Contracts and Engagement Letters
Hello and welcome to Episode 93 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we’re talking Employment Agreements/ Employment Contracts / Letters of Engagement – whatever you call them, they are the same thing. The all important document that sets out the terms and conditions of the employment relationship.
Why? Well simple, it’s the end of the year and as I reflect on the #1 thing businesses have asked for support in, or have had questions about, or had dramas because of a lack of – it all comes back to the employment agreement.
It dawned on me that despite spending large chunks of my consulting time on this, I’d never covered it in a podcast episode, so today is the day!
In this episode we discuss why employment agreements and contracts are so important, and why you absolutely want to have them in place, but we also unpacked what should be included, and what you want to leave out.
As promised in this episode I have created a great little checklist for you, so that you can review or create your employment agreements knowing you have the right things covered. Get your free checklist by clicking here.

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