Break Free from Micromanagement: Reclaim Your Time and Control at Work

blog Aug 21, 2023

What is micromanagement at work?

Micromanagement at work refers to a management style that is typically excessive and controlling and usually exercised by a supervisor or manager. This management style focuses heavily on task-specific elements while often neglecting the bigger picture, such as overall outcomes, staff development, and collaborative teamwork.

Micromanagement can impede team efficiency and arise from several underlying factors. These factors usually encompass a lack of confidence in team members' competencies, a tendency to seek control due to apprehension or self-doubt, and a need to maintain close oversight to ensure tasks meet personal expectations.

Micromanagement frequently emerges when leaders encounter challenges in effectively delegating tasks, motivating their team, and fostering a culture of accountability. Although the motivations behind micromanagement might be rooted in aspirations for success, the approach inadvertently restricts autonomy, stifles innovation, and diminishes employee engagement.

Over the long term, this management style presents obstacles to individual, leadership and business growth and success. But all is not lost. There are simple things you can do to break free from the pitfalls of micromanagement.


Micromanagement Compared to Other Management Styles

Micromanagement is one among many other styles of management and focuses on tasks over people.

If you lead a team, it’s essential to understand your management style. There are several other styles of management: 

  • Laissez-Faire – this leadership style affords employees a high level of autonomy – basically, they do whatever they want with minimal direction or input from the leader. At People Powered Business, we refer to this leadership model as the non-Boss style.
  • Democratic – this leadership style is much more collaborative, with leaders making decisions and ensuring that the team has input and feels heard.
  • Autocratic – this leadership style just makes all the decisions for the team without virtually zero input from them.
  • Visionary – a visionary leadership style inspires teams with enthusiasm, big-picture goals and a collaborative atmosphere. This leadership style makes the team feel part of something bigger and connected to a community.
  • Paternalistic – this is where the workplace feels like a supportive family rather than just an average workplace. While intentions are great, this style is not without its own problems – just like in families.
  • Transformational – leaders who adopt this leadership style empower team members to grow and innovate, encouraging them to dream big and reach for those goals.
  • Coaching – leadership that follows a coaching style takes a hands-on approach to mentoring team members in tailored ways.
  • Persuasion – this leadership style can seem collaborative but is one where the leader convinces teams to support their decisions despite their input.

It’s helpful to note that as a leader, you can dip in and out of these different styles of management depending on your context and what’s going on for your team. Being aware of the power and value, as well as the pitfalls, of these styles of management can help you approach your leadership intentionally.

Why Do We Find Ourselves in this Micromanagement Trap?

We might find ourselves in this micromanagement trap for various reasons – even if we don’t usually micromanage.

  • When we’re not sure how to motivate them and want them to take pride in their work;
  • The team are not doing things at the same speed or quality as you – that idea, if you want it done right, just do it yourself;
  • We are struggling to get them to take responsibility for outcomes;
  • Constantly feeling like you are the one who has to swoop in and rescue things;
  • You feel like it’s the only way to get things done.

As leaders, it’s important for us to embrace delegation. You can read more on how to approach this in our  Mastering the Art of Delegation in 8 Simple Steps and The Hidden Benefits of Investing In Training and Development blog posts.


Strategies to Break Free from Micromanagement

The good news is that it’s easier than you think to break free from micromanagement, reclaim your time and control at work and create a more effective team.

Implementing Systems and Processes: Creating well-defined systems, processes, and procedures that allow easy tracking and visibility of tasks and projects. This provides reassurance and reduces the need for constant check-ins and micromanagement.

Setting Clear Expectations and Boundaries: Clearly communicating expectations and boundaries to team members, ensuring they understand their responsibilities and when to seek guidance or check-ins.

Mastering Delegation: Learning to delegate tasks and responsibilities effectively, allowing team members to take ownership of outcomes while building trust and competence.

 Self-Reflection and Mindset Shift: Reflecting on personal fears and control tendencies that contribute to micromanagement and shifting mindset to focus on empowering team members and valuing their contributions.

 Creating Communication Loops: Establishing regular communication loops to provide updates, address concerns, and maintain open lines of dialogue, fostering a sense of accountability and transparency.


Breaking Free from Micromanagement Starts with You.

Achieving business success through your team doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

It’s safe to assume that leaders will dip in and out of various management styles depending on their team's context, growth and dynamics. Having said that, the less time we spend in the micromanagement space, the healthier our workplace culture becomes.

Breaking free from micromanagement to reclaim your time and control at work begins with self awareness, reflection and insight. To master the mental game of being the boss, your mindset is the number one place to start.

If you realise you’re slipping into, or stuck in, micromanaging your team and want support, our team at People Powered Business can help.


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