Should You Sack Them or Save Them?

blog Mar 16, 2022

Should You Sack Them or Save Them?


Ever found yourself asking this question?


You have someone on your team who isn’t where you want them to be, but you’re torn. On one hand you really want to make it work, and continue doing more to turn them around. You know how difficult it is to find great staff, and recruitment is time consuming and costly. You want to avoid having to start a hiring process, but is it even possible to turn this person around, no matter how much you like them?


On the other hand, despite feeling like you can’t make it work, you don’t want to fire them! That requires confrontation, and what if you get it wrong? An Unfair Dismissal Claim doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun.


You end up going around in circles asking yourself whether you should sack them or save them.


So, what’s the answer? How do you really know whether, with a little effort, this person might be your next super star, or whether you are wasting your time and theirs, because there is no hope of turning this around?


The truth is, for any employee to be successful in your business, there are 3 core ingredients they simply must have. Without one, just like a 3-legged stool, things start to fall over.


Any great team member obviously needs to have the right skills for the position they are employed in, that’s a no brainer, they need to be able to do the job. But they also need to be motivated to do the job, they have to want to be there and want to do well. And finally, they have to be a great fit for the team. We’ve all had experiences where someone is technically brilliant, but a terrible fit for the team, it’s never a recipe for success.


Those are the 3 key ingredients – skills – motivation – fit.


When one is missing, things start to fall apart, with two missing, well it can be a disastrous, but like everything maybe it’s not missing, but lacking. Maybe they have some great skills, but not all the skills they need, or maybe there are hit and miss when it comes to their motivation.


So in determining whether you should sack them or save them, it comes down to identifying which of the 3 ingredients is lacking or missing, and then assessing to which extent it’s lacking, and what the gap looks like. Is it fixable, and what is the cost of fixing it versus starting over?


Can you up skill and cross train them? Will some simple engagement strategies amp up that motivation and get them back on track? Is the values alignment so far removed that there is no going back, and the only way is to exit?


Like many things in business, these are individual decisions for individual circumstances, but if at the heart you can determine which of the key ingredients is missing or lacking, and to what extent, the answers will undoubtedly becomes clearer for you.


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