Are You Telling Your Team What They Need to Know?

podcast Aug 18, 2021
People Powered Business
Are You Telling Your Team What They Need to Know?
Hello and welcome to Episode 75 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we’re talking about something pretty close to my heart, in fact, if you asked me the #1 truth that I believe I must honour in my business and life, it’s that I have a responsibility to tell people what they need to know, and not what they want to hear. Not sure where this came from exactly, it’s just something I have always known to be true – may have gotten me in trouble once or twice at school.
Growing up, were you the type of kid who spoke your mind or were you more agreeable? Did you question, argue and stand up for what you truly believed in, or were you more inclined to keep the peace and the status quo? I was definitely the sort of person, from a very young age, that had no problem speaking my mind, with complete honesty, and sometime with little regard to peoples feelings, because I believe in unapologetic honesty.
Now once or twice along the way I might have strayed from this, and played it safe, but it never worked out well.
So why then, as business owners and leaders, can so many of us be inclined to tell staff something other than what they need to hear? Why are we more inclined to tell our team what they want to hear, rather than what they really need to know? And what impact is it having on our team, them as individual employees and our businesses?
That’s exactly what we discuss in this episode, including strategies for making the change to more transparent, honest and authentic communication to help build trust in our team and get productivity and performance back on track,
As mentioned in todays episode, if you’d like to get a really simple framework for tackling these sometimes tough conversations, I have a gift for you, it’s my simple step by step guide to handling any difficult conversation with any employee, grab your free copy here - Get My Guide

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