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The 6 Real Reasons You Have Performance Issues

blog Aug 11, 2021

One of the key frustrations and pain points I hear about from business owners, leaders and managers is around an employee not performing. Either very directly simply failing to get their job done, or more covertly just not quite meeting the mark, or frustratingly just walking the line of getting things done – just – it’s constant frustration.


Quite often we feel frustrated because our Industrial Relations landscape is quite firmly focused on employees, and protecting their rights, leaving businesses with a whole lot of tricky red tape to deal with in managing underperformance, especially when termination may be on the cards. However, what might be really causing our frustration is the fact that we don’t really understand why on earth they can’t just do their job.


If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to bang your head against a wall wondering why they aren’t just doing what you need them to – you’ll know exactly...

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The 5 People You Must Have Around You - With Loretta Hart

podcast Aug 11, 2021
Hello and welcome to Episode 74 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we welcomed a special guest to the podcast, Happiness Mentor – Loretta Hart.
Loretta has previously owned and operated small businesses across various sectors and understands that the journey of business should bring joy and happiness, not just the end result or outcome of business. Today she wears many hats, including being a happiness mentor where she loves nothing more than helping chics find their happy.
Loretta loves working with business owners to find their happy, and knows in business this can only happen when we know:
  • where we are headed
  • what we want to convey to the world
  • what our next step is
She has a gift for working with people to pull out all of the really important bits of information, and laying it out in front of them to help them see what’s really possible.
Whilst often on the podcast we’re talking about the people we bring into our...
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The One Thing Successful Leaders Prioritise

blog Aug 03, 2021

Ever heard the saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’? If you have, how much attention have you paid to it? If you’re like me, and many other business owners and entrepreneurs I know, you’re pretty good at putting your head in the sand on this one, think it doesn’t apply to you, and, most likely, think it’s extraordinarily selfish to even consider the fact that perhaps looking after yourself needs to be a priority.

Here’s the thing, like many of you, I spent my career, and my life, looking after everyone else first. Squeezing in time to replenish my mind, look after my health or do anything for my mental wellness was at best just that – squeezing it in around everything else. And by the most part that was a pretty successful approach. I had a thriving, fast growing and successful business, everyone was well looked after and life was good. I was juggling all of the things, working all the hours and truly thought I was smashing...

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Navigating Uncertainty With Your Team

podcast Aug 03, 2021
People Powered Business
Navigating Uncertainty With Your Team
Hello and welcome to Episode 73 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we’re talking about something that might be useful to many of you right about now – navigating uncertain times with your team.
Let’s face it, the one thing that’s become certain over the last 18 months is uncertainty. Whilst it’s no one’s favourite environment to thrive in, it is reality, so how can you as the business owner or leader help your team through these times?
In todays episode I share my 5 top tips for navigating uncertain times with your team:
  • Remember the power of a pause;
  • Communicate clearly, openly, transparently and regularly;
  • Act swiftly and promptly in a considered and measured way;
  • Keep your team connected;
  • Be future focused.
As mentioned in todays episode, I have an invitation for you.
If you’d like to connect with other businesses who are also juggling the challenges of teams, I’d love you to join us...
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Leading Your Team When You’re Having a Bad Day

blog Jul 28, 2021

There is this common misconception in leadership books, amongst leadership gurus and in the advice we hear – and that is that when you’re a leader, you aren’t allowed to have a bad day. You can’t be off your game, you can’t be feeling blah and you certainly can’t let anyone in on that.


I call BS on that.


We’re human, whether we run a business, or lead a team within a business, you have days when you’d to be honest, rather just not have to deal with people. Of course most of us don’t have that luxury – we have to show up for our team and get some work done. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to put on an act, pretend that you’re fine when you’re not or not acknowledge that you’re just not having the best day – for whatever reason.


In fact, doing this sets the wrong example for our team. If someone on your team is feeling a little off, or is otherwise distracted, for...

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Can Your Team Disconnect?

podcast Jul 27, 2021
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People Powered Business
Can Your Team Disconnect?
Hello and welcome to Episode 72 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we’re unpacking a new phenomenon we’re seeing at work, thanks largely to increased technology and our move towards hybrid teams harnessing remote work – that is ‘availability creep’.
We all know the feeling, we hear the email come through on our phone whilst we’re getting the kids breakfast. It’s 7am, we know we don’t need to check it right now but we do, and then we have a knot in our stomach about the issue we just read about that we have to deal with in a couple of hours. No one is expecting us to read and respond to emails at all hours of the day and night, but because we can we do – and ultimately that leads to a failure to disconnect, and that is a fast track to burnout.
Studies show that this availability creep is starting to have a real impact on our teams, to the extend that some organisations are starting to legislate the...
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Leading During Uncertain Times

blog Jul 21, 2021

At the time of writing this here in Australia we are in the midst of the ongoing impact of COVID-19. It feels like a dance, the in and out of lockdown dance. Unlike the initial periods of impact this virus had on us, where we were ‘all in it together’ we are now quite often a country divided. Victoria has been in and out of lockdown more times than they care to count, Sydney are in the midst of a long drawn out period of restrictions and in fact right now more than half the population are currently under some form of restrictions.

With all of the uncertainty that the last 18 months has delivered, one thing that has proven certain is this: all businesses require great leaders to survive and flourish, and through a period of crisis in any organisation, economy or environment, it’s our business leaders who have the ability to really pull us through.

If you’re in a leadership role, whether it’s your business or someone else’s, that fact may feel like...

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Understanding and Cultivating Culture with Sarah Williams

podcast Jul 20, 2021
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People Powered Business
Understanding and Cultivating Culture with Sarah Williams
Hello and welcome to Episode 71 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we welcomed a special guest to the podcast, workplace culture expert Sarah Williams.
Sarah shares with us how we can better understand and measure the culture within our organisations, and how we can work on building culture and engaging our team in the process.
If you’d like to connect with Sarah, she can be reached via any of the following ways:
As mentioned, if you’d like to connect with other businesses who are also juggling the challenges of teams, I’d love you to join us inside our free Facebook Group, HR Support for Australian Businesses, so I can learn more about what’s working for you and any challenges you might be having.
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6 Ways to Keep Your Hybrid Team Connected

blog Jul 13, 2021

At the time of writing this I myself am caught up in the Sydney 2021 ‘lockdown’ – despite the fact I live outside of Sydney, and like many it’s reminded me of how much the world of work has changed in the last 18 months.


I’ve spoken a lot about hybrid teams in recent months, because the big discussion has been around returning staff to physical offices and workplaces, whilst balancing their newfound sense of expectation around working from home becoming a new norm. In my view, the businesses who can balance their need to ‘see’ their staff in an office, with the teams work from home desires, will do best when it comes to retaining the best and brightest for their business. In fact, I heard just a couple of weeks ago about a big international corporate mandating no less than 3 days per week in office, which was causing much tension amongst their team who had all come to a common consensus that 2 days in office was sufficient and...

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Leading Well When You're Having a Bad Day

podcast Jul 13, 2021
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People Powered Business
Leading Well When You're Having a Bad Day
Hello and welcome to Episode 70 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today I’ve gone a little rogue and am having a discussion about something that’s not often spoken about – when we as leaders have a bad day. What should we do, and how can we show up and lead our team effectively when we’re in a bit of a funk.
I shared with you my 5 top tips or strategies you might want to tap into. These include:
  • Self care is not selfish;
  • Communicate with your team and own it;
  • Find things to do that lift your mood;
  • Take the pressure off;
  • Delegate and involve your team.
It’s ok that we have the odd bad day, it’s not the end of the world and we don’t need to feel guilty, but there are ways we can improve the day and get ourselves out of the ‘bad day’ funk.
If you’d like to connect with other businesses who are also juggling the challenges of teams, I’d love you to join us inside our free...
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