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Are You Tolerating Too Much?

blog Jun 02, 2021

We all know the feeling, we’re losing sleep, we’re avoiding the person at work, we’re angry, frustrated and tearing our hair out. We have an employee who is not performing, or not showing up how we want them to at work.


We can’t always quite put our finger on the exact issue, it’s just not quite right, but it’s wrong enough to be consuming our time and attention. Or maybe it is more obvious, but we feel like we’re going over the top if we bring it up – we don’t want them to feel like we are micromanaging them or pulling them up for something that feels petty and insignificant (yet the fact that it’s consuming our time and attention does in fact mean that at some level it is significant to us).


So we tolerate it, whether it’s behaviour, attendance, performance or something else, we tolerate it. We think maybe it’s not that much of a big deal, or maybe it’ll be short term, or surely they will...

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Trust - The Secret Sauce to Successful Hybrid Teams

podcast Jun 02, 2021
People Powered Business
Trust - The Secret Sauce to Successful Hybrid Teams
Hello and welcome to Episode 64 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Following on from last weeks episode – Harnessing Hybrid Teams – today I have a discussion to share with you that leadership expert Juliet Robinson and I recently had about trust – which we think is the secret sauce to successful hybrid teams.
I hope you enjoyed this discussion, and if you’d like to join in the conversation with Juliet and I the best place to do that is on Clubhouse where we are hosting weekly rooms on all things Leadership.
If you head over to Clubhouse and follow the People Powered Business Club, you’ll see our Leadership Lounge discussions are scheduled there --->
If you'd like to connect with Juliet you can do so here ---> 
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Harnessing Hybrid Teams

blog May 26, 2021

Whether we love it or hate it, there is no doubt that for many of us the way our teams work has forever changed. For many of you it’s likely that your once 100% on site team is a mix of remote, on site and combination workers, and for others you have switched to a predominantly remote model.


In my opinion, what’s happened was always destined to happen, we have just fast tracked the process by 10 + years. Employees have been crying out for the opportunity to have more flexibility in where they work for too long. Work from home requests getting met with rejection after rejection, and the rules attached to them, were seeing increased frustration, and the companies who could embrace it were, in some industries, winning the talent war.


But the reality is most businesses weren’t offering it as an option, or even allowing it when there was seemingly no other alternative, so employees didn’t have the choice, they were stuck in roles, or not able to work...

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Harnessing Hybrid Teams

podcast May 26, 2021
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People Powered Business
Harnessing Hybrid Teams
Hello and welcome to Episode 63 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
The way we work has changed over the last 12+ months and for many businesses adjusting to this new way of work, the new way that has seen many workplaces permanently change, can bring it’s own range of challenges and adjustments.
In today’s episode we discuss Hybrid Teams, and I share 3 key tips to help you embrace a hybrid team model to maximise productivity and performance.
Is your workplace shifting a permanent hybrid teams model? If so I’d love to hear about your experience. Join us inside our free Facebook Group, HR Support for Australian Businesses, so I can learn more about what’s working for you and any challenges you might be having.
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Is Indecision Ruining Your Recruitment Campaign?

podcast May 19, 2021
People Powered Business
Is Indecision Ruining Your Recruitment Campaign?
Hello and welcome to Episode 62 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Ever been stuck in decision paralysis when hiring a new employee for your team? The good news is you’re not alone, the bad news is this can lead to a recruitment disaster!
In today’s episode I shared some simple strategies and tactics to help you overcome the dreaded decision paralysis, and help you move from indecisive to certain of who to hire when.
Also mentioned in todays’ episode were the following previous episodes of the Podcast:
As I mentioned, I would love for you to join us inside our free Facebook Group, HR Support for Australian Businesses - Join The Facebook Group Here.
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Is Indecision Ruining Your Recruitment Efforts?

blog May 19, 2021

“I can’t make a decision because you have presented 2 great candidates – if we hired one of them we’d always wonder whether the other would have been better....”


This was the exact words that came out of the employers’ mouth after we had carefully and meticulously conducted a thorough and rigorous recruitment campaign for them, providing a strong shortlist. So strong in fact that they simply couldn’t (and didn’t) make the final decision. Whilst the team rightly pointed out that we had done such a stellar job we made it difficult for the employer to choose, I found the situation fascinating.


How does it sound to you? Ludicrous? Funny? Typical?


At first I assumed that really they just didn’t want to hire anyone, that it was a total waste of time and resources because they clearly had no intention of hiring – I mean surely one candidate stands ahead of the other for their needs?


But as I...

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Welcome Gen Z! It’s great to have you here

blog May 12, 2021

I love exploring generational differences, both in the workplace and generally in society. Whilst of course there are some generalisations that get applied, and not every member of every generation has the same foundational experiences, but it’s hard to miss the fact that there are certain changes, events and experiences which form the behaviours, attitudes and beliefs of new generations.


Whilst we’ve all heard more opinions than most of us care to imagine about the Millennials (otherwise known as Gen Y), who have really mixed it up inside workplaces, we’ve been a little quieter and more reserved when it comes to Gen Z.


So to you Gen Z – welcome to the workplace, it’s fabulous to have you here, and I for one can’t wait to see the impact you are going to make on how we work, how we approach careers and how we can do things differently and better.


If you’re wondering who Gen Z is – they are the generation born...

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Gen Z In The Workplace

podcast May 11, 2021
People Powered Business
Gen Z In The Workplace
Hello and welcome to Episode 61 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we discussed a one of my favourite things to chat about, mainly because I am so interested in human behaviour and trends, and how we see this play out at work, and that is generations in the workplace. Specifically today we spoke about Gen Z.
Gen Z are our first generation of true digital natives, being born between 1995 and 2009, they have grown up in the era of iPhones and iPads and integrate tech into everything. Yet, interestingly, they also crave social and human interaction, especially in the workplace.
Today we discussed not only the general traits of Gen Z, but also what to expect from them in the workplace and how to get the most out of them.
I referred in this discussion to an article by research company McCrindle, you can read that article here >>> McCrindle Research Article
As I mentioned, I would love to hear about your experienced in having Gen...
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Imagine It – A 4 Day Work Week – Every Week!

blog May 05, 2021

Don’t you just love those weeks where you have a Public Holiday (especially on either the Monday or the Friday), but any day, and you only need to run your operations, lead your team and be present in your business for 4 days of the week? As a bonus, how much do your team love those weeks?


Interestingly, I’m going to ask you to reflect on something – how much less productivity happens in those weeks? Does 80% of the work get done, or is it much closer to 100% productivity squeezed into less time? I am willing to guess that the vast majority of you are going to say closer to 100%.


Isn’t that interesting … 80% of the time ‘at work’, 100% of the tasks and objectives achieved.


So, should you make all of your team part time, as they’re obviously dilly dallying for around 7-8 hours per week right? The short answer I am going to give you is no, I don’t think you should cut their hours along with their salary and...

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How Great Is A 4 Day Week?

podcast May 05, 2021
People Powered Business
How Great Is A 4 Day Week?
Hello and welcome to Episode 60 of the People Powered Business Podcast!
Today we discussed a concept which may seem a little strange to some of you, the 4 day work week. Taking a full time role and getting the same results achieved in just 4 days, or 80% of the time.
Championed by Andrew Barnes, after successfully implementing the model during his time with Perpetual Guardian, we discussed the various models of the 4 day work week, and how this could look and work within your business.
Of course before considering a change like this to your workplace there are a few key things we need. In today’s episode we discussed my top tips that you may need to consider before embarking on adopting this structure in your business:
  • Understand how to measure productivity;
  • Build and nurture trusting teams;
  • Trial and consult.
If you’re interested in learning more about the model Andrew Barnes speaks about, you can grab a copy of this book on this topic here...
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